Spring is in full swing which means more rain, higher humidity, and the return of insects. With all of these environmental changes, it’s no wonder the spring season is when our air quality gets affected the most. In a sensitive time like this, where we are spending most of our time at home in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19, your air ducts could be affecting your health and quality of life. Here’s how they may be affecting you, and what you can do to improve the overall air quality of your home.

Allergies & Respiratory Diseases

When you wake up in the morning, do you catch yourself sneezing or feel soreness in your throat? Dirty air ducts might be the cause. Air ducts typically recycle home air, which means pet dander, pollen, and dust are also being recycled throughout your home. As a result, people with weaker immune systems like children, the elderly, and those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses are more sensitive to the quality of air around them. Maintaining clean ducts is essential to your family’s health, and will help to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms caused by poor air quality.


Dirty air ducts don’t just carry dust and pollen. They also make the perfect home for pests. Insects and rodents thrive in these environments and often carry diseases and harmful allergens that you may be sensitive to. With them living in your ducts, allergens, and diseases caused by these unwelcome houseguests can easily spread to other areas of your home. Luckily, avoiding an infestation is possible if you have your ducts cleaned regularly.


If your home is older and has not had its air ducts professional cleaned, mold and mildew may be building up, causing an unpleasant and musty odour to appear. While this smell may not be noticeable to you, it will be noticeable to future guests visiting your home. Besides the smell, there are several long-term harmful effects that breathing this air can cause if left untreated.

How Can I Fix These Problems?

Clean air ducts help to prevent odour trapping particles from circulating throughout your space and improves the efficiency level of your air circulation. Professional duct cleaning uses disinfectant to kill harmful contaminants and micro-organisms. Cleaning with disinfectant also reduces the amount of interior cleaning and dusting necessary to maintain a hygienic home.

In a time where we are spending all of our time at home, it would be ideal to enjoy a comfortable environment that promotes your overall well-being. Your health is important, now more than ever considering the circumstances we are in. At Cambridge Insurance Brokers, we care about our clients’ health and wellness. Contact us today to discuss your home and health insurance policies and our representatives will happily answer any questions you may have.