The winter weather can sometimes seem unpredictable, but regardless of what mother nature throws your way, as a homeowner, you must be prepared. Particularly with how safe your home is for others. Regardless of it’s your friends, family, a delivery person or a pedestrian walking down the street, you need to ensure that they’ll be safe if they step on your property. While your home insurance policy includes liability for if someone hurts themselves, it’s always better to work in a preventative nature to limit the possibility of injuries.

Snow Shovelling

It’s one activity that many homeowners dread during the winter months. Whether it’s because you don’t want to embark in the cold, it’s physically tiring, or you simply don’t have the time, shovelling snow is not usually something that many enjoy. But clearing snow from your driveway, sidewalks, and steps is something that won’t only help you navigate your way into your home, but it can help ensure that no one is injured doing the same. This concept is continued with clearing your sidewalks but is more stressed as it is much more likely that the public will use these paths. Meaning, if you do not clear a path or maintain your sidewalks during winter weather, a passerby could slip and injure themselves due to your negligence.


With precipitation and temperatures dropping below zero it’s likely that any liquid will form into ice, the enemy of many. Whether it’s because snow is melting during the day as the sun warms it or temperatures are warming up, ice is dangerous for everyone. This makes it extremely important for homeowners to try to minimize the risk of it occurring. Using sand or salt on driveways, steps and sidewalks is one way to minimize this risk. Both of these substances are used to help dissolve the liquid water and lower the waters freezing point to lessen the likelihood of ice forming. Again, with the higher possibility of people using the sidewalk associated with your property than actually stepping foot on your driveway or steps, it’s crucial that you take the time to either salt or sand your sidewalks. It won’t only help to keep you safe, but it helps to ensure the safety of others. 

Hiring Help

Sometimes, everyone needs a little help. Even with keeping their home safe during the winter. Luckily, many businesses focus on this and are hired to clear the snow and prevent ice from forming on homeowners properties. But, when hiring snow removal contractors, it’s important to make sure that you’re hiring a business that is protected by the right insurance. When a snow removal company has their own liability insurance, it legally protects you if someone suffers from a slip and fall injury from snow or ice. This is because the negligence can be transferred and the contractor will be judged for it rather than you, the homeowner.

Protecting Yourself

Regardless of how hard you try to keep your walkways clear and safe for others to use, sometimes things happen, and passersby can get injured. In the event of this, it’s important to know that your homeowner’s insurance policy will protect you. So before the next snowfall speak with your Cambridge Insurance broker to confirm that the liability coverage you have included with your homeowner’s insurance policy is adequate for your needs. We understand that you’re working hard to keep your property safe, so let us help keep you safe.