While owning a home, it’s always important to properly protect yourself and your belongings. But sometimes, you may discover that your current homeowner’s insurance may not provide enough coverage.

A common problem that many homeowners face, is water damage occurring in their basement or other areas of their home. Recently, it’s been noted that water loss claims are increasing and account for the largest percentage of claims for homeowners to make on their home insurance! Whether it’s caused by a pipe bursting, appliances leaking, or wet weather finding a way in, the damage can be detrimental and overwhelming.

What Is Water Damage?

Homeowners are no stranger to water damage because there are many different ways that it can happen. Damage can happen from excessive rain, sewer backup from municipal water systems, a leaking roof, cracks in the walls, and even, overland flooding. Depending on the circumstances and the source of the water, personal belongings could be damaged and need to be cleaned or even thrown out. In fact, the cause for the damage can play a factor in whether your home insurance policy covers you during a water loss.

Are You Covered?

Before you answer this question, you may want first to review your homeowner’s policy. Depending on your policy and what your coverage entails, specific property damage caused by water may not be covered. So if you’re not sure what your policy covers, take the time to confirm your coverage! You may discover that you’d like to add additional coverage to protect your home and your belongings better.

What Types Of Coverage Are There?

When first purchasing homeowners insurance many policies include protection for water damage if the cause is sudden and accidental. Meaning if an appliance leaks or a pipe bursts, you’ll likely be covered. But it should be noted that basic homeowners insurance doesn’t cover all types of water damage. Rather it depends on the source of the water as water damage from a sewer, or a flood is only covered with additional add-on coverage. While these options vary depending on your location and insurance provider, there are generally two common coverages that you should be aware of.

Sewer backup coverage is one of the first things that come to mind when homeowners think about floods within their homes and brokers often suggest to add this coverage to the initial policy. Having sewer backup coverage can protect your home and your belongings from damage that occurs if water escapes or ruptures from a sewer, drain, sump pump or septic system.

In comparison, extra coverage that you can add to your existing policy that many may not know about is overland water coverage. This form of coverage protects you when extreme wet weather damages your property. This can include rain, overflowing rivers, spring run-offs, and melting snow. It should be noted that while this coverage can protect you from most wet weather situations, depending on your policy, it can exclude damage caused by saltwater such as tidal waves or tsunamis.

We know that your home is important to you and we want to help you in the event that your home or your belongings are damaged. Before the next storm or spring thaw, make sure you know if you’re protected. Contact your Cambridge Insurance broker today to see what your homeowner’s insurance includes and if you need to add additional coverage.