Spring is officially upon us! As March 20th marks the first day of spring, it’s important to take note of how the changing weather may affect our driving conditions and what we can do to stay safe on the roads! So before you put your keys in the ignition, take some time to remind yourself about what you should prepare for.

Changing Sunlight

March is an exciting month as it marks the end of winter. Not only does it have Daylight Saving Time, but it also has the first day of spring! Both of these, causing the sun to affect driving conditions. With our clocks moving forward an hour and the Earth’s tilt changing, suddenly, our days seem longer and depending on when we’re driving, the glare of sun could obstruct our view.  With this being said, every driver should have a pair of sunglasses in their car to cut the glare and use the flip-down sun visor that’s located above the windshield to block out the sun.

Keep Snow Tires On

It may seem like the winter weather is finished for the season, but even heading into April, it’s not unusual for some cities to see snow flurries or for the temperature to drop below freezing. Spring has been known as a season for weather extremes. On average, Toronto usually sees about 4 cm of snow in April, while further west, Hamilton sees an average of 8 cm! So with winter-like conditions still possible, it’s essential that you keep your winter tires on. No matter how much the sunshine and warmer weather may tempt you to take them off. To stay safe and be prepared for any weather that may still occur, it’s a good rule of thumb to remove your snow tires in mid-to-late April, or until temperatures are consistently staying above 7 degrees.

More Distractions

Once spring arrives, it seems like everyone wants to get out and enjoy the new season. But when this happens, it’s important for drivers to be reminded about what distractions they could encounter. Not only are animals coming out of hibernation and may be looking for food, but more people are going to be tempted to get outside to enjoy the sunshine and warmth! Whether it’s children playing, joggers running down the street or cyclists riding their bikes, there’s a chance that these pedestrians may distract you or even end up in your blind spot. With the possibility of distractions increasing, it can’t be stressed enough that you focus solely on the road. Meaning you should turn down your radio, leave your phone alone, and continue to drive with caution.

Car Maintenance

As the season changes, it’s a good reminder to perform maintenance on your vehicle. Some simple maintenance like inspecting your vehicle for any damage or deterioration that would’ve been caused by the winter weather, topping up your fluids or even taking it to a trusted mechanic for professional spring servicing can go a long way. Not only will it help to keep you safe on the road, but it’ll help your car run smoothly and prolong its lifespan as you drive into the summer months. If you’re choosing to have a professional look at your car for a full tune-up so it’s in its best condition, a good time to do this is when you’re booking your appointment to remove your snow tires!

Car Insurance

As the season’s change, your car insurance needs may change as well. Whether it’s because you’re adding a new driver to your insurance, you want to trade in your car for a newer model, or you’re interested in buying a seasonal vehicle to drive during the summer months, take some time to review your policies. You never know how your insurance needs may change over time, so be sure to schedule an appointment to speak with your Cambridge Insurance broker this spring!