With the closure of non-essential businesses due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many companies had to make quick, crucial adjustments. While some businesses had to completely shut down, others urged their employees to work from home. Whichever the case, for most businesses, the future is uncertain and can be worrisome. Here are a few preventative measures you can take to protect your business and ensure your company facilities are maintained over these next few months.

1. Create a Checklist for Amenities

Protect your office by protecting its amenities. Idle properties in this time could lead to losses or damage to them. You can control this by keeping a checklist of all the facilities available in your office. For example, if your office has any monitors or screens, ensuring that they are stored in a safe space or covered will help protect them. If windows are usually open, make sure to keep them closed and locked to prevent damage from occurring to them due to poor weather. It would also be wise to set your office alarm to lower your risk of theft or losses.

2. Check-in With Your Insurance Company

Ensure that you check in with your insurance company about your property policy and whether closing your office may affect this policy. Most property policies have a 30-day vacancy or idle exclusion, which means that if a property is vacant or idle for over a month, any losses or damage are excluded. Knowing this is occurring in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, insurers will likely be flexible with restrictions on coverage. However, it would never hurt to double check.

3. Visit Company Site as Often as Possible

With a lockdown in place, it may be difficult to visit your workspace. However, visiting your office on a regular basis allows you to keep track of any unnatural or abnormal issues that could occur. It’s doesn’t take much time and can save you the trouble later. Urgent matters to look for include your HVAC system, water irrigation, and all electronics. Check for any leaks or discolouration in and outside washrooms and kitchens. Make sure lights are still working in the facility and that you lock it securely. If your space has any cameras, it might be wise to check that they are still actively monitoring.

4. Begin Strategizing Your Company’s Future Today

The last thing any business owner wants is to see their company go downhill. Taking the proper steps early such as creating an action plan on how to start-up the business after the lockdown is over, allows you to take into consideration all the necessary precautions and risks associated with your business. For example, if your facility is a plant with complex systems and production lines, a systematic approach to successfully shut down and/or start up the plant may need to be revised for safety purposes.

Though we are in unprecedented and difficult times, taking these precautions will allow you to be prepared for any future adjustments that may be needed. Contact us today to keep your business protected through this pandemic and after. Our team is always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have!