With the nice weather we’ve been having this summer, you’re probably noticing that there are more motorcycle riders out on the road! While it’s fun to hop on your bike and jet off, it’s also important that every rider takes the time to review some motorcycle safety tips, no matter how experienced they may be. 


Why You Should Always Ride On The Safer Side 

As motorcyclists in Ontario are three times more likely to get injured than people in automobiles, safety is crucial for any motorcycle rider. While it’s not only dangerous as there’s a lack of physical barriers between yourself and your surroundings, it’s also known to not only be more physically draining than driving a car, but mentally as well. Meaning there are more opportunities for error and the consequences can be drastically worse. So before you take your motorcycle for a ride, spend a few minutes reviewing some of our safety tips to ensure that you have an exhilarating but safe ride!


Make Sure That You Have The Right Experience

No matter what activity you’re doing, if it’s at all dangerous, it’s important that you have the right experience and training to ensure that you’re safe and sound. Meaning, before you buy the bike of your dreams and feel the wind in your hair, you need to get the right training. And that means getting your Motorcycle License. As there are a variety of different licenses, you’ll need to research the type of license you’ll need depending on the kind of bike you’ll want to ride; an M license is suitable for full-speed bikes, an M with condition L license is ideal for mopeds or motorized scooters, and an M with conditions M license is suitable for three-wheeled motorcycles. Of course, with all licenses in Ontario, you will be required to be at least 16 years of age or older, as well as pass a number of road and written tests. 


Protect Yourself 

As motorcycle crashes in Ontario are not only more severe in regards to injuries sustained, they have also be noted to cost twice as much as an automobile crash. And without the right protective gear, you can seriously injure yourself even if you’re going a mere 40 km/hour. While many know always to put on a helmet, it’s also important to wear a high-quality jacket, pants, boots, and gloves, or even a full body suit and armour for maximum protection. If you find that you’re more likely to ride during the evening hours, make sure you buy protective gear that is highly reflective so you stay visible when daylight is limited. 


Know Your Limit 

Regardless of your experience level, you should always plan your trips accordingly. As riding a motorcycle can be more physically and mentally draining than driving a car as mentioned previously, you should plan a route that ensures you can stay lively and aware the entire time. Often, if you’re a relatively new rider, or haven’t been on a bike for quite some time, it’s suggested that you limit your trips to a distance of 300 to 500 km, with short and frequent breaks so you can truly have a great and safe riding experience! 


Passenger Safety

It’s always fun to take your friends and family on rides when the weather is beautiful. But when taking a passenger for a ride, you need to understand the risks and limitations involved. It’s recommended that you brief them on how they should act while on a bike by directing them how to not only hold on or brace while braking and accelerating, but how they should lean with the driver when turning. And, you should again, plan your ride accordingly so your passenger feels comfortable. This may include planning a shorter daytime trip with more breaks, choosing roads with slower speed limits or even roads that have fewer turns. As well, it should never be forgotten that your passenger should also wear the appropriate gear needed to stay safe!


Have The Right Coverage 

Just like with automobiles, it’s important that you have the right insurance coverage to protect not only yourself but others on the road. If you happen to take a wrong turn and hurt yourself, damage your bike, or even harm another person on the road, having the right coverage can save you thousands. So before you buy your next bike, or renew your Motorcycle Insurance, contact your Cambridge Insurance broker to ensure that you’re properly protected so you can truly relax while going for a joy ride.