March break is coming up, and it’s safe to assume that many parents are beginning to plan their child’s time off from school. As there is a lot to keep in mind and a lot to remember when you’re trying to organize your child’s holiday, we’ve put together some tips to help you and your family have a fun break!


Prepare In Advance For Your Plans!


If you’re trying to fill up your week with fun activities so your family can have fun, make sure you prepare for your plans in advance! This doesn’t only include looking at the weather ahead of time so you can dress everyone in the right clothing, but so you remember to bring everything you may need! You should also make sure that you bring travel activities or toys to help pass the time as your plans may require you to travel up north, across the city, or out of the country. Being prepared can vary from packing colouring books and iPads for entertainment to printing out the proper documentation if you’re divorced and are planning to travel across the border with your child.


Travelling? Don’t Forget Insurance!


Does your March Break plans involve travelling out of the province? If you’re one of the many families who decided to take advantage of their children’s time off school to travel, don’t forget to ensure that you have the right Travel Insurance! Whether you’re flying out of the country to a warmer vacation spot, or out-of-province to take advantage of the beauty that Canada has to offer, you need coverage! So contact your broker before you leave to speak about your plans, your travel destination, and what coverage options are available to you.

Remember, even though your workplace or your credit card may offer coverage, it may not be enough!


Double Check If You Need To Bring Anything Specific


Planning to go out and have a fun family adventure? Make sure you always double check to see what you may need to bring! Not only does this include bundling up according to the weather, but bringing any additional items like boots, a helmet, skates, or ski equipment! While some businesses who organize these types of outings often provide the equipment you need, it doesn’t hurt to double check or bring your own equipment just in case! Not only could this potentially save you from paying rental fees, but it ensures that your family can head out and have fun safely!


Have Someone Check On Your Home If You’re Out Of Town


If you’re going to be away from your home for a few days, it’s always suggested to have a friend or neighbour check in on your home while you’re away. When cars are missing from driveways or mail is piling up, it can often signal to burglars that no one is home! So be sure to do what you can so your home looks lived in. This can vary from using timers to have the lights turn on at night, to having a trusted friend stop by to pick up mail. Not to mention, when you have someone coming to check on the house, it can help decrease any potential damage, like burst pipes, that could happen when you’re away!


Staying On Budget Doesn’t Mean Your March Break Has To Be Boring


A fun March Break doesn’t have to break the bank! A very important suggestion to keep in mind is to look out for deals, coupons, or shop around for prices! You may find that some great and local activities like public skating are either free as they are put on by the city, or have discounted price days (similar to how many theatres offer half-price movies on Tuesdays). If you choose to shop around, you may even find that a lot of businesses promote their offerings through deal websites like Groupon.

But, the most important tip to have a great March Break, is to have fun! Whether you’re staying local, visiting family, or catching some sun on a beach, we hope you have a wonderful and memorable March Break with your family!