In Canada, a residential break-in happens every 90 seconds. While the circumstances can vary, it’s always important to take an evaluation of your home to increase its security. Nothing is more devastating and frightening than coming home and noticing that someone has been inside your house and your belongings are missing. But with a few tips and tricks, you can help make your home less desirable to burglars.

Keep Your Lights On

Lighting is a key factor when increasing the security of your home. While it’s not a fool-proof way to protect your home from burglars or thieves, it’s a good start.

Increasing the outdoor lighting and limiting the darkness or shadows of your property increases the visibility of your home. Ultimately allowing for neighbours or passer-bys to see any movement on your property. This is beneficial at deterring criminals as any strange activity, such as someone attempting to break into your home, will be noticed. If you’re not home but need a solution to help keep your property illuminated, there’s an option of using programmable timers.  These timers will allow lights to turn on and off at the pre-set times to mimic a person being home.

This idea extends to your indoor lighting as well. It’s a common trend to turn off your lights to save energy, but by doing this and allowing your home to be dark, it may make your home seem vacant. With this being said, an empty house is an ideal property for burglars to target because it is unlikely that they’ll be caught. So while you don’t need to keep every light on in your home, it’s always a good idea to have a few areas or rooms lit to appear as if someone is around. 

Establish a Security Routine

Establishing a routine can be extremely important when trying to increase the security of your home. Specifically, creating a routine that will make your home less favourable for thieves. This can vary from making sure it’s securely locked when you leave, to leaving a few lights on at night. Establishing this type of routine that focuses on the security of your home will help give you peace of mind to know that you’re constantly working to keep your home secure.

Security or Alarm Systems

Installing a security system in your home is one of the most popular ways to keep your home safe from burglars. Not only does it notify the authorities of a break-in if one does occur, but it helps to bring comfort to families knowing that they can be helped in the event of an emergency.

The benefits of having a security system don’t stop there. Having alarm system signage around your property such as window stickers or signs can help make your house less appealing to burglars. This is because many burglars don’t want to risk the chance of being caught. In fact, 83% of convicted burglars check for alarms, and when there’s an alarm noted, about half of them decide to go elsewhere. Essentially avoiding homes where the risk of being caught is increased because they see signage that tells them that the home is equipped with a security system. This trick can be used even for homes that don’t have an alarm system installed. Just by having signage around your home can help prevent break-ins.


Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but leaving your home unattended for days or weeks at a time may allow your house to become more attractive for burglars to target because no one is around. To avoid this, it’s good to have a friend, family member or neighbour watch your house for you. House-sitting can vary from someone physically staying in your home while you’re away to having someone check-in periodically. The primary goal of this is to have your home not appear vacant. So it’s suggested that house-sitters bring in any mail, clear snow or debris, and adjust the lighting, so it seems like people are home. Not doing any of these can make your home appear empty and ultimately more appealing to burglars and thieves.

Insuring Your Home

While it’s possible to take every precautionary measure to protect your home from theft, it’s understandable that sometimes these things just happen no matter how hard you try to prevent it. And even though it may be hard for things to return to normal after a burglary, there are ways to ease the stress of replacing your valuables. Having the appropriate home insurance coverage that protects you from theft and burglary is one solution Cambridge Insurance offers to help you in the event of a burglary. For any questions about insuring your home against theft, contact your broker today.