What Is It?

Many couples spend months planning their wedding and wait until they can save up enough to be able to afford to invite all of their friends and family to celebrate with them. But what happens if at some point the venue you rented for the event can no longer host you, or you have to reschedule your wedding because of an unforeseen problem. For many brides and grooms, they turn to their insurance for help because at one point, they saw value in insuring their wedding ceremony.

Generally, there are two significant coverages that couples need to focus on when purchasing insurance for their wedding; liability and cancellation coverage. Liability coverage protects you if during your wedding, someone is injured or the property is damaged. This can be especially useful if some of your guests may be drinking, or become a little carried away with the celebrations. In comparison, cancellation coverage will reimburse you if you need to cancel or reschedule the wedding due to an unforeseen reason. A great example of when this can be useful is if you’re planning a destination wedding that could be affected by weather, especially if you want to invite your friends and family to travel to a tropical destination for your wedding.

What Can It Protect You Against?

Weddinguard Insurance can vary depending on the type of coverage you’re purchasing and your insurance provider. While many may think that wedding venues have their own insurance, they often don’t or if they do, it usually doesn’t offer extensive coverage to protect you. So when you book a venue or hire on staff for your big day, always confirm and check what their insurance coverage is, if they have any, and decide whether it can adequately protect you. But if you’re in the same situation as many who decide that they need to purchase their own wedding insurance or want to protect their investment further, it’s a general rule of thumb that insurance policies for your wedding will protect your investment from circumstances that are out of your control. This can vary from stolen gifts, sudden cancellations, and even in some cases, a damaged wedding gown or tuxedo.

Why Should You Consider It?

A lot of couples may disregard purchasing insurance for their wedding because they either aren’t aware of it or because they feel as though they can’t justify the price in addition to how much they’re spending on their wedding. But every bride and groom should take into consideration how much they may have to spend if something goes wrong leading up to, or on the day of the wedding. For example, there are stories of couples needing to rent a last-minute venue that will cost them significantly more than their original choice because the original site either double booked them, went out of business or suddenly had their lease terminated. Leaving the bride and groom scrambling to find an affordable and available second option.

What Is Not Covered? 

While it’s always important to look at what is included in your policy when insuring your wedding, it’s equally important to look at what may not be included in your policy. This not only allows you to be fully aware of the situation if something happens, but you may also find that you would like to purchase additional coverage so you can rest easy leading up to your big day. It’s usually assumed, but should always be repeated that wedding insurance will not cover a change of heart if either the bride or the groom decides to call off the wedding. As well that certain purchases that you’ve made for the wedding such as rings or the honeymoon, may not be included and will need additional coverage if you would like to insure them.

Regardless of how big or small, you’d like your wedding to be; many couples invest not only a large amount of time planning it but a lot of money as well. With that being said, you shouldn’t feel nervous about cancellations or damaged items causing you financial stress on your big day. Rather, you should contact your Cambridge Insurance broker about insuring your wedding so you can rest easy and say ‘I do’ in peace knowing that you have the right insurance policy protecting you.