As the weather gets colder many begin to anticipate falling leaves, family holidays, or even tropical getaways. But among all of that, many get ready for cold and flu season as it affects many every year. So with flu season arriving, here are some easy autumn health tips to follow so you can stay healthy this fall!


Autumn Health Tip #1: Eat Healthy And Strengthen Your Immune System

It’s important to eat healthy all year, but often, as the weather gets colder, and holidays creep up on us, we can find ourselves either eating a little more than usual, or eating a little more unhealthy than we’d like to admit. In fact, it’s been noted that during the colder months, we increase our calorie intake. While some say “it’s biological—putting on weight in preparation for the potential winter famine our ancestors faced,” others attribute it to the number of holiday functions and goodies that are cooked in the kitchen during this time. Regardless of why, it’s crucial that you focus on your health, so our first autumn health tip is to try to maintain a healthy calorie intake and eat healthy foods. Meaning, you may have to stop yourself from giving into unhealthy food cravings when you want to snack during the new fall show line up, when the holiday dinner comes out, or when the Halloween candy is bought. As well, it’s suggested that you focus on avoiding hidden sugars and consume foods that boost your immune system to prepare your body to fight off any germs or viruses! To name a few, some recommended foods are;

Citrus fruits that contain vitamin C for fighting colds,

Red fruits that are rich in anti-oxidants,

Dark green and leafy vegetables that have both vitamin C and E,

Orange-coloured fruits and vegetables that can help boost your immune system as they’re high in beta-carotene,

Oats and barley as they contain vitamins B and E, selenium and beta-glucans,

Garlic as it contains phytochemicals that help to kill bacteria,

And lastly, yogurt as its pro-biotic cultures can help strengthen your immune system. 


It’s always recommended to book a check-up with your family doctor for a complete and accurate list of what vitamins you may want to focus on depending on your current health and the season.


Autumn Health Tip #2: Hydrate

Hydration is important no matter what season it is since most of your body is made up of water. But often, many forget to hydrate their bodies during the winter months because they find themselves to be not as thirsty as when they’re constantly sweating from temperatures nearing 30 degrees Celsius. With that being said, this autumn health tip is a friendly reminder to continue to drink water and try to drink at least six to eight glasses per day even in the colder months, so you stay alert and energized! Not to mention staying hydrated can help strengthen your immune system to prevent sickness! Failing to drink enough water and becoming even just a little bit dehydrated has been noted to harm an individual’s mental health and even impair their functionality.


Autumn Health Tip #3: Stay Active

For many, it’s easier for them to get active in the summer months because they can easily go for a walk or a run outdoors while enjoying the weather. But as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, many feel discouraged from working out as they’d rather curl up with a warm blanket and relax, especially after a long day at work. But no matter what month it is, your physical fitness is an extremely important factor for staying healthy and happy! If the gym isn’t for you, even a leisurely walk outside, raking leaves, or committing to an indoor fitness class can help motivate you to get moving!


Autumn Health Tip #4: Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot

As the flu season typically runs from October to March, now is the time to get ready for it. And for many, that includes not only a healthy and active lifestyle, but getting their flu shot. Even though experts are anticipating for Canada’s flu this year to be much milder than previous years, it’s still important to get vaccinated as influenza can develop into a serious illness that leaves some bedridden for many days, or even in some cases, death. It’s especially important for the elderly, young children or people who have weak immune systems or other illnesses that can put them at risk to get their flu shot sooner rather than later!


Autumn Health Tip #5: Prepare For The Worst

No one wants to get sick, and no matter how healthy you eat, how many glasses of water you drink or how active you are, sometimes you just get sick. During times such as this, it’s important that you rest so you can quickly recover, and having the right Health Insurance can truly make a difference! The right coverage will allow you to relax knowing that if you need to visit a specialist or get a prescription to help you get back to full health, you can get what you need to be healthy without worrying about any extra costs adding up over time.

We want you to be healthy, and if you do get sick, we want to make sure you can rest easy and recover fully. So our last autumn health tip is to contact your Cambridge Insurance broker today to ensure you have the right coverage no matter what life throws at you!