Tis the season to decorate and celebrate! The holidays are a joyous time to get together with your loved ones. Decorating is a sacred and fun holiday tradition for many of us! If you are planning on decorating for the holidays this year, here are some holiday decorating tips for you and your family.

1.Decorate With Your Family

Stringing lights and decorations solo can be very dangerous. Accidents can happen at any moment. Instead, turn the task of holiday decorating into a fun bonding activity with your loved ones! Not only will it be more memorable, but it will also be much safer.

2. Light Safety

Before stringing any holiday lights, be wary of any frayed or exposed wiring or broken plugs. Not all holiday lights are manufactured to withstand outdoor weather, so if you are hanging up outdoor lighting, be sure it is for outdoor use.

3. Protect Your Live Tree

If you decide to go with a live tree, then you need to take extra precautions to make protect it from catching fire. In comparison to fake trees, live trees are can be much more of a fire hazard. Keep your tree far away from any fireplaces, heaters and other heat and fire sources.

4. Embrace The Artificial

Artificial trees can be safer since they are less prone to catching fire. If you decide to ditch the live tree this year and go with a fake one, check the for a “Fire Resistant” label.

5. Choose Your Ornaments Wisely

There are tons of creative and unique ornaments to pick from to decorate your tree. Whether you decide to stick to the traditional circular ornaments or try something different, be mindful of safety. Avoid purchasing glass ornaments that easily break to protect your children and pets. While food-shaped ornaments can be a fun addition to your tree, pet owners should make sure to hang any fake food ornaments high up and away from their pets.

6. Candle Safety

If you decide to light up a candle, always secure it on a stable foundation. Never leave any candles on the ground or an unstable base. Keep away any flammable items from the open candle fire. Lastly, before you turn in for the night, be sure to blow out any lit candles.

7. Turn Off Before You Turn In

Leaving your holiday lights on and running all the time can hike up your electricity bills and can be a safety hazard. Before leaving your home or heading to bed, always be sure to turn off all holiday lights and unplug them for added safety.

8. Avoid Overloading Outlets

When plugging your holiday lights, always be aware of electrical safety. Plugging too many cables to one power outlet can be very dangerous. Overcrowded outlets can overheat and cause a fire in your home!

Now that you have all these handy tips under your belt, it’s time to light up the holiday lights and get festive! Curious for more insurance tips? Be sure to check out our blog!