With the summer months in full swing, your weekend plans are packed with activities, from hiking to cottage getaways. For many pet owners, bringing your pet along with you for the adventures is a no-brainer! Experiencing the summer with your furry companion can be a memorable and enjoyable experience. If you decide to hit the road with your furry friend, take extra precautions to ensure your pet is safe during drives. Keep reading for 5 safety tips when driving with your pet!

1. Seatbelts For You And Your Pet

Seatbelts are not just a necessity for drivers, but for pets too. Just like us, our pets need seatbelts to stay safe in the case of an abrupt brake, sharp turn or an unexpected accident. There are numerous options on the market to help secure your pet beyond just seatbelts. For smaller dogs, you can purchase a booster seat to ensure your dog is safe and secure. For larger pets, barriers are a great alternative to that keep your pets secure in the back seat and prevent distracted driving.

2. Prepare For Carsickness
The bumpy roads, sharp turns and long drives can take a toll on your pet’s health and wellbeing! If your pet is particularly sensitive to car rides, make sure to pack car sickness

medicine and other remedies that can help ease their discomfort. Be extra cautious when driving and make frequent stops for your pet to take a breather.

3. Secure Your Windows

Long drives with the windows rolled down can be very enjoyable for your pets, who cherish the summer breeze and sunshine. However, keeping your window fully open can risk the safety of your pet. Sticking their heads out of the window can be very dangerous. Your pet could be at risk for an injury by moving vehicles or flying debris. Even further, your pet could be at risk for eye and ear infections from the air.

4. Never Leave Your Pets Unattended
With the sweltering heat of the summer months, lack of ventilation can be suffocating for your pet. Last-minute errands always pop up, but leaving your pets unattended could be very dangerous for their health. Even with the windows cracked, heat can build up very quickly in your car and can risk your pet’s health.

5. Keep Your Pet In The Backseat
Our pets offer us comfort and companionship, which is why many pet owners enjoy driving with their pets close by. While it can be tempting to place your pet on your lap while you’re driving to enjoy their company and sneak in some cuddles at traffic light stops. However, putting your pet on your lap can be hazardous for their safety and health. With no restraints, seatbelts or proper seating, your pet’s life is at risk if an accident or abrupt stop occurs. Even more, your pet’s proximity can distract you from the road. That’s why it’s important to make sure your pet is always placed at the backseat of your car at all times, with the correct safety restraints and gear, for their safety and comfort.

Now that your pet is safe while you’re on the road, you can enjoy your summer months with your furry companion! For added protection, consider investing in pet insurance and auto insurance. In the case of a medical emergency, pet insurance offers you the financial safety net you need to take care of your pet. For any inquiries or to request a quote, contact us. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team can help you find the right coverage for all your insurance needs!